Is It Cheaper To Build My Own Kitchen Cabinets? EXPLAINED With Best Cheap Options)

If you are an avid pantry food prepping queen, then you know too well how invaluable kitchen cabinets can be when stocking dry food and condiments. While most homes come fully fitted, the very few who are lucky to do up their own pantry and kitchen, finding the most affordable kitchen cabinets is never a smooth sail as most would expect it to be.

Kitchen cabinets are among the most pricey home appliances that a house owner can buy, whether custom-made or readymade ones. If you have a large family and need storage space for several food items then you know how costly it is to furnish your pantry with good quality kitchen cabinets.

These days a lot of homeowners are trying to find ways on how they could save a few bucks buying kitchen cabinets. But, is it cheaper to build my own kitchen cabinets?

As a general guide, it is cheaper to build your own kitchen cabinets than ordering custom-made kitchen cabinets from a local kitchen cabinet supplier which can be a bit pricey. On the other hand, it’s cheaper to build your own kitchen cabinets using readymade ones that come in a wide variety of styles to suit your tastes and requirements.

You can get cheap kitchen cabinets without sacrificing quality to your home décor or pantry storage needs.

Kitchen Cabinet Projects That Can Save You Money

Kitchen cabinet projects are a great way to save money. If you want to build your own cabinets, hire someone who is experienced in home improvement. Such a person can do the project with precision and in accordance with building codes that will help you avoid being fined by local authorities for non-compliance.

For a beautiful and functional kitchen, following are some of the projects that can save you a few bucks while staying within your budget:

▪   Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets from IKEA’s Readymade Flatpacked Wood Cabinets.

While custom-made cabinets which come with better upholstery and finishes may be more expensive, building your own cabinets from IKEA’s readymade flat packed wood cabinets can save you a few bucks. While the flat packed cabinets will require a bit of customizations, you may end up saving around 35 to 50% on your kitchen cabinets.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to neglect their workspace above kitchen cabinets and shelving units that tend to be wasted spaces in most households. While it’s best if you could make full use of the space above your kitchen cabinets by locating an extra pantry or putting in some display shelves. You can install hanging racks on both sides of your kitchen cabinetry to make the most efficient use of the dead space up there for towels, pots and pans, etc.

▪   Build Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Using Reclaimed Wooden Pallets

This is a cost-effective project that can save you money. You will need to use pallets made of weatherproof wood for this project. The trick lies in how you’ve used the space where cabinets are involved, for example hanging pots and pans instead of putting up shelving units.

Make sure to choose cabinet pulls that are rust-resistant and finishes that are durable and can withstand sunlight and harsh elements.

▪   Creating Cheap Kitchen Cabinets from Recycled Materials

Kitchen cabinet projects don’t have to cost a fortune when you use recycled materials in building your kitchen cabinets. If you have some old kitchen cabinets gathering dust somewhere in the house, disassembling them will make it easier to use the recycled items like old wooden beams or used drawer facings in building your own kitchen cabinets.

It’s all about doing some research on how you can make the most of cheap kitchen cabinets for your home storage needs.

Kitchen cabinet projects are not only pleasing aesthetically but they also boost our sense of achievement in having something we built ourselves.

▪   Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets with Readymade Plywood or Particle Board Cabinets.

If you have some carpentry skills, then you can save a lot of money by purchasing readymade plywood cabinets and building your own kitchen cabinets from it.

▪   Build Your Own Custom Kitchen Cabinets in a Weekend

Build your own kitchen cabinets in just one weekend is never an easy ask, however, if you are willing to put in the hours and effort, it is possible to cheaply build your own kitchen cabinets.

This is achieved by investing in high-quality, preassembled kitchen cabinetry that comes with the required hardware to ensure its durability and functionality. These readymade cabinets are available online at discounted rates, which makes it possible for homeowners to get rid of their old kitchen cabinets at a price that is cheaper than junking them.

To avoid being caught off-guard by the building code authority, be sure to contact your local planning or inspection office for information on what materials or methods are allowed when it comes to building your own kitchen cabinets.

A lot of homeowners have learned the hard way that working with cheap kitchen cabinets can have its own problems. Perhaps you’d want to avoid this by checking out the different sources available online for preassembled kitchen cabinets that come with installation hardware included.

How much does it cost to build your own cabinets?

More often than not, home owners often wonder and ask what is the cost of building their own kitchen cabinets add up to? While there is no one answer fits all, the cost of building your own kitchen cabinets varies depending on the size of the kitchen.

As a general guide, the cost of building your own kitchen cabinets is between $899-$1599. According to the cabinet building calculator, depending on the quality of the materials used, one can expect to pay between $800 and $1,600 per cabinet.

Kitchen cabinets are built by carpenters who work with wood construction. These artisans can follow blueprints or create their own design to build your kitchen cabinets, depending on the specifications you wish to include in it.

The cost of building your own kitchen cabinets also depends on the type and quality of materials used for its construction. Some residential construction companies may offer discounts if you purchase materials from them.

Kitchen cabinet building is an involved process, which is why it’s recommended that you hire a carpenter or construction company to do the job for you.

They say “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That is definitely what homeowners who construct their own kitchen cabinets using cheap materials could attest to. You will save more by buying the whole thing, assembling it and finishing them off with your special touch.

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