Can You Put A Microwave In A Pantry Cabinet?

Can You Put A Microwave In A Pantry Cabinet?

If you are re-organizing your dry food store, chances are that the idea of having a microwave inside your pantry cabinet has crossed your mind.

As a general guide, a microwave can be put in a pantry cabinet. Pantry cabinets with a microwave are a handy way to have your microwave hidden from sight. Even though microwaves can be pretty bulky, a pantry is a perfect hiding spot for the appliance as it is usually out of sight and out of mind.

However, it may be better to leave the task of installing one to a home improvement supplier or hire an expert to do it.

How To Put A Microwave In A Pantry?

Pantry cabinets with a microwave are an ideal choice for those who don’t like to see appliances around their dining areas.

A good number of people prefer to keep their microwaves inside the pantry cabinets because they do not want their kitchen space to be cluttered with the large top counter appliances.

In addition, a microwave is a very useful device that you can use every day for cooking or warming up food and beverages.

If you’re interested in doing some kitchen remodeling work yourself, removing appliances is probably one of the easier tasks. According to, if you want to perform some kitchen makeovers on your own, taking out appliances is a relatively simple procedure.

Best Pantry Cabinet Ideas

When it comes to pantry cabinets with a microwave, there is no shortage of best ideas. A good number of these kitchens also use the closet for storage or dishwasher to make sure that all appliances are hidden from view.

As a homeowner, one has the option of either buying entirely new pantry cabinets with microwaves or hiring professionals who can install big microwaves inside your existing kitchen cabinets.

If you’re trying DIY renovation work on your kitchen cabinets, the best choice for you is to purchase a microwave with a ventilation system that can fit directly into your pantry cabinet.

You’ll need to measure the size and height of your pantry cabinet before purchasing a microwave unit. Take measurements inside and outside of the cabinets to make sure you buy one that will properly fit in.

Pantry Cabinet With Microwave Shelf

Choosing the best pantry with microwave shelf is probably going tobe your top priority when considering this kind of kitchen renovation.

A simple shelf can do the trick and keep appliances out of sight while adding to the overall storage space in your pantry. You can install a small microwave that is usually measured at around 30 inches or less on top of a pantry unit’s flat surface.

There are other ways you can do to put a microwave in your pantry. One way is to install the appliance on top of a pantry cabinet with the help of hinges. When you are not using it, you can simply swing it down and away from sight inside the pantry space.

For those who want all appliances hidden inside their kitchen cabinets, putting microwaves inside pantry cabinets is one of the best ways to keep the kitchen space clutter-free.

You can install your microwave next to your refrigerator or even inside an overhead cabinet if you want, but this would make it harder for you to use every day without standing on a chair.

Instead, go for a separate pantry with microwave shelf that can hold your appliance so you can have it always available for use.

A good example is the Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet with 2-Drawer and an Upper and Lower Cabinet, White with Cherry Wood Finish. This pantry cabinet with a microwave is ideal for those who want a sleek and stylish look in their kitchen.

You can choose to put a microwave with a ventilation system inside small pantry units, but some homeowners find that keeping the appliances outside of the space is more convenient as it would not make your kitchen feel congested or cluttered.

If you’re more interested in keeping your cooking area open and airy, buying pantry with microwave shelf is perhaps one of your best options.

Choosing the Best Pantry With Microwave Shelf for Your Needs

When choosing a pantry with microwave shelf, consider first how much space you have available in your kitchen. If you don’t have enough cabinets or countertops, putting microwaves inside pantry cabinets are one of the best ways to keep appliances out of view.

The design and style you want is another factor that would affect your decision on what kind of pantry with microwave shelf unit to get. Some homeowners prefer having a more modern look for their kitchen while others go for classic or antique finishing.

The pantry cabinet with microwave must include:

  • Tall Kitchen pantry Cabinets with microwave shelf.
  • Freestanding pantry cabinet with microwave shelf.
  • In-wall pantry with microwave shelf.
  • Built-in kitchen pantry cabinets with microwaves.

When choosing a cabinet to install microwaves, make sure to check for best space utilization as well as ventilation systems that will dissipate heat from the appliance. Some models have their upper parts used as warming drawers and this is where

Tall Kitchen Pantry With Microwave Shelf

Tall kitchen pantries with microwave shelf are not your average cabinets. They provide you with a great deal of storage space and yet they come with the microwave shelf to hold your appliance securely in place.

If you live in a household where everyone loves having popcorn, ready to microwave meals, this is also one of the best choices as it will make it easier for you to whip up batches of snacks and treats at anytime. You can have your snacks ready in less than 5 minutes or so.

Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet

The Home Source Industries Brook Tall Microwave Cabinet with 2-Drawer and an Upper and Lower Cabinet, White with Cherry Wood Finish is one of the best pantry with microwave shelf available today.

It comes equipped with a 30-inch microwave shelf that you can use to install your appliance anywhere inside the cabinet.

It has one upper and lower storage drawers for additional space where you can put your utensils, plates, or food items. Each drawer has a decorative knob made from attractive crystal-like material.

There’s also a mini-pantry at the bottom of the unit that will give you a great deal of storage space for your larger appliances and cookware. This pantry with microwave shelf comes with a sleek design, making it perfect to use as a standalone or as part of an entire kitchen renovation.

The cabinets are made from eco-friendly medium density fiberboard (MDF) coated with melamine to give it a sleek, modern finishing.

The drawer fronts are made from durable thermofused laminate with decorative crystal-like knobs that really add accent to the overall look of this wonderful kitchen pantry cabinet.

For ease in installation, there are pre-drilled holes for securing your pantry with a microwave shelf unit in place.

Free Standing Pantry Cabinet With Microwave Shelf

Anyone new to freestanding pantry cabinets with a microwave shelf might wonder if such an appliance is really necessary.

The answer would be that it depends on what you need and how you use your microwave. There are quite a number of benefits to installing a freestanding unit beside a pantry cabinet, regardless if it’s a freestanding or built-in model.

Freestanding Microwave Drawer

The main benefit of having a freestanding pantry cabinet equipped with microwaves is that you can simply slide it in and out, depending on your preference. So if you want to use the microwave for heating up foods, just pull it out and place your bowl or plate inside. If not, then push it back and voila! It’s as simple as that.

The freestanding cabinets give you a lot of flexibility and convenience, plus they’re very mobile so you can move them around the kitchen whenever necessary.

Built-In Microwave Shelf

This is another great type of pantry with a microwave shelf that allows for easy installation and space utilization. The unit comes with a pre-cut hole that allows it to accommodate most microwaves, regardless of the size.

All you need to do is hook your appliance on and screw it in place. This type of pantry cabinet also has adjustable door hinges so you can regulate how much space should be left open for ventilation purposes.

Built-in microwaves also come with a few extra features such as:

  • Adjustable and sliding doors for easy installation of your microwave oven.
  • Sliding trays and adjustable shelves that will provide additional storage space.
  • A swing-out shelf to increase the overall useable space in your pantry cabinet.
  • A spice rack where you can store your most commonly used spices right beside your microwave oven.

So now that you know what pantry with microwave shelves are all about, it’s time to find out if one is perfect for your kitchen.

There are basically two types of people who would benefit from having this type of appliance in their home: those who cook a lot and those who have a separate kitchen.

If your kitchen is small and you want to maximize the use of your available space, then a pantry with a microwave shelf is a great choice.

It will provide maximum storage for your dishes while giving you quick access to the food that needs to be heated up or cooked in your microwave oven.

On the other hand, you can always add a pantry with a microwave shelf to your existing kitchen if it’s lacking storage space and appliances.

Today, most kitchens come with built-in microwaves or at least a spot for one to be installed in the future.

But since not all units are made equal, chances are there will still be some empty space left in front of your existing oven, which makes it perfect for a freestanding microwave drawer.

So if you’re looking for storage space or simply want to add some convenience when cooking, then installing a pantry with microwaves is the right choice.

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